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Vermouth Chinato Del Professore (Italian Liqueur)

Vermouth Chinato Del Professore
(Italian Liqueur)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Liqueurs
Alcohol Content: 18%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
Vermouth Chinato Del Professore is a red vermouth produced in Lazio. The base for the vermouth is made from Barbera d'Asti wine to which a pure and meticulously refined alcohol is added along with different aromatic and medicinal herbs gathered from alpine slopes surrounding Turin. Main botanicals are wormwood, vanilla, cinchona, orange and coriander. The sugar added to the vermouth is minimally refined, natural cane sugar.

Tasting notes
Vermouth Chinato Del Professore has a sweet and aromatic base with a hint of bitterness and displays the typical characteristics of Barbera d'Asti enhanced by a mix of fresh and seasonal herbs and spices. Flavours of orange, corriander and vanilla on the palate with the Chinchona Calisaya creating balance and character.

Best to be enjoyed with
Vermouth Chinato Del Professore is perfect to serve as an aperitif or after dinner drink. Try it to make Negroni cocktail: 25 mls Vermouth Chinato Del Professore, 25 mls Bitter Del Professore, 25 mls Gin Crocodile Del Professore. Garnish with orange wedge or lemon.

The Winery: The Jerry Thomas Project
The Jerry Thomas Project is no ordinary producer, it is better known as Rome’s best speakeasy cocktail bar. Its recent partnership with Antica Distilleria Quaglia in a bid to start producing spirits as well as serving them, is a breath of fresh air. The Project is not just a tribute to the ‘father of American mixology’ Jeremiah Thomas, it is also a rediscovery of forgotten Italian spirits, a celebration of prohibition drinks with an Italian twist and an advocate for high quality products made with high quality raw Italian ingredients.

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