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Spumante Charmat Brut Rive Gauche By Malvirà (Italian Sparkling Wine)

Spumante Charmat Brut Rive Gauche By Malvirà
(Italian Sparkling Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Charmat method - Arneis
Alcohol Content: 12%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
Surprising is a fitting adjective for this sparkling wine from Piedmont and marketed by Malvirà, a wine estate specialised in this production and very well established within the Roero Area.

Tasting notes
The colour is a light straw-yellow. The perlage is fine and lively. On the nose, the fragrances of white peach and the floral timber are impressive, alongside the herbal notes, typical of this grape variety, making the wine even more intriguing and original. The surprise continues with the taste, where it reveals itself as refreshing, with a completely dry finish to refine it even more.

Best to be enjoyed with
Your most curious friends who are always searching for something new...fill the empty glass alongside a course of tartines with goat's cheese, carpaccio of fish and vegetable puddings.

The Winery: Malvirà
The Malvirà winery began production in the Fifties with the aim of maximizing the vineyards and thus grape-growing potential of the Roero area. Today, the estate is managed by the founder's sons. In spite of a constant growth in production and the increasing exposure to new markets, the winery is still a family business. The primary idea is to make wines transcending the Roero area in the purest and most elegant form.

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