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Sicilia Igt Bianco Carjcanti By Gulfi (Italian White Wine - Organic)

Sicilia Igt Bianco Carjcanti By Gulfi
(Italian White Wine - Organic)

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Product features

Grape: Indigenous Grape - Carricante
Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
From an outstanding estate, a wine that leaves you speechless. Originated from an indigenous vine on the Etna Vulcan, the Carricante, mingled with an extremely rare vine, the Albanello.

Tasting notes
A medley of sensations emerges out of a glass of this straw-yellow nectar: from dried salt to capers, with evident notes of lime, white melon, dried mango and a finish with nuances of pearl barley and shades of honey. In the mouth, this wine amazes for being so enthralling and bold, well-balanced between acidity and sapidity, with a pronounced mineral feature and an aftertaste rich of iodized notes.

Best to be enjoyed with
Definitely, a wine for experts. Accordingly, it should be reserved only for important occasions, particularly with shellfish recipes, for an unforgettable evening.

The Winery: Gulfi
In 1995, Vito Catania inherited part of the family's land from his father, who had bought it with his entire savings made in France as a migrant. This was the beginning of Gulfi, a pioneering winery in Sicily re-discovering the Pachino's prestigious crus. The estate is considered a benchmark for the production of Nero D'Avola. Gulfi's best-known wines are farmed organically.

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