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Pecorino Alzavola Bianco by Menicucci (Italian White Wine – Organic)

Pecorino Alzavola Bianco
by Menicucci
(Italian White Wine – Organic)

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Product features

Grape: Pecorino 60%, Malvasia 40%
Alcohol Content: 14%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
Pecorino is a delicious white wine made from an indigenous grape in the Abruzzo Region. Its popularity is growing year after year: in Italy, it is already a best seller!

Tasting notes
Pecorino Alzavola Bianco by Menicucci has an intense aroma, full of great elegance and persistence, with hints of honey and wildflowers. A full-bodied wine with a soft taste and very well balanced.

Best to be enjoyed with
Pecorino Alzavola Bianco by Menicucci pairs well with pasta, truffles, a large variety of fish and white meat dishes baked and with sauce. Try it with traditional Abruzzo recipe ‘Maccheroni alla Chitarra’ and tomato sauce.

The Winery: Menicucci
The Menicucci story is one that has been carved out of an Italian family tradition and flavored with passion. Seriously passionate about wine, the love affair began in 1970 when Antonio Menicucci planted his first grapes in Ortona, Italy. The family mission is to produce a variety of organic hand-crafted wines to satisfy every palate ranging from unique, fruit-infused wines to traditional white and red varietals. Menicucci wines are certified organic and aimed at satisfying customers with their unique and continuous product innovation techniques.

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