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Malvasia Passita L'Ora Felice Colli Piacentini Doc by La Tosa (Italian Sweet White Wine)

Malvasia Passita L'Ora Felice Colli Piacentini Doc
by La Tosa
(Italian Sweet White Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Indigenous Grape - Malvasia di Candia aromatica
Alcohol Content: 12%
Unit Quantity: 500 ml
When such an aromatic grape meets the sensibility of an extraordinary vintner, the outcome is unforgettable. A wine less based on bold flavors than on freshness and elegance; far from being sugary, a wine apt to recall Autumn sensations.

Tasting notes
The golden yellow color and its consistency prepare us to the sweetness felt in the nose and during the tasting. The perfume is pleasing, with scents of ripe and dry yellow fruit, a hint of honey and delicate notes of sweet spices. The taste is consistent, fully aromatic and characterized by a light and caressing touch. Long is the persistence of this wine, owing to the fruity notes already perceived in the nose.

Best to be enjoyed with
It is clearly the wine to end a meal with, to be shared cheerfully with your dining companions and to walk with you to the sofa. Outstanding with fruit cakes, it should not be disdained if paired with light puddings and creamy desserts.

The Winery: La Tosa
Two brothers, Stefano and Ferruccio, founded the La Tosa winery in 1980. The estate consists of 18 hectares of vineyards, surrounding the farm and embraced by gentle hills, producing 8 wine varieties. The farm also includes a museum and library dedicated to the world of wine.

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