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Grechetto 'Muffo' By Sergio Mottura (Italian Dessert Wine)

Grechetto 'Muffo' By Sergio Mottura
(Italian Dessert Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Grechetto
Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Unit Quantity: 375 ml
The grapes for this wonderful dessert wine come from Mottura's Umbrico and Mecone vineyards which are both relatively low-lying, exposing the vines to the early morning autumn mists that rise from Lake Alviano which is fed by the waters of the Tiber. These mists aid the development of the noble rot ("muffa") that gives this wine its name and its essential characteristics. After fermentation the wine is left to mature in oak casks for approximately twelve months. Because its production depends on such specific climatic conditions, it is not possible to make Grechetto 'Muffo' every year.

Tasting notes
Grechetto 'Muffo' By Sergio Mottura is a golden wine, crystal clear with amber glints. It has a very intense bouquet, simultaneously generous, persistent, delicate and ethereal. In the mouth, it is mature, creamy and harmonious with undertones of honey.

Best to be enjoyed with
Grechetto 'Muffo' By Sergio Mottura, known here as 'meditation wine', it is a perfect accompaniment for medium-strength or mature pecorino cheese - ideally served at 8°c with a drop of honey or warm quince jelly. Also perfect with foie gras or sweet biscuits such as Tuscan cantucci, apple tarts or fresh berries.

The Winery: Sergio Mottura
The Mottura estate occupies 130 hectares in an area rich in natural resources, bordered to the west by the gentle hills and clay canyons of Civitella d’Agliano, and to the east by the Tiber valley stretching into Umbria.

Wine has been made here for centuries: a document dating from 1292 in the Orvieto city archives names these hills as being among the very best for the production of Orvieto wine. Close to both Rome and Florence, but untouched by any large-scale urbanization, it is an area that still possesses an unsullied and breathtaking natural beauty, dotted with woods, lakes and streams.

The choice of grape varieties has focused on the indigenous grapes that have always been grown here, clones of which have been selected on the basis of their quality and their inherited resistance to disease – particularly important because our wine is 100% organic.

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