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Grappa di Bassano by Capovilla Distillati (Italian Grappa)

Grappa di Bassano
by Capovilla Distillati
(Italian Grappa)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Grappa, Vespaiolo pomace, Chardonnay pomace, Cabernet Sauvignon pomace, Merlot pomace
Alcohol Content: 41%
Unit Quantity: 500 ml
Grappa di Bassano is a traditional  “grappa” produced in Veneto, a region in northern Italy. All of Capovilla’s products are hand bottled and hand labelled.

Tasting notes
Grappa di Bassano by Capovilla Distillati is powerful aromatic, clean & pure with subtle alcohol. A combination of white flowers & pear fruit with touches of herbal & spice notes. 

Best to be enjoyed with
Grappa di Bassano by Capovilla Distillati is great after dinner. Try it with chocolate cake.

The Winery: Capovilla Distillati
Many in Italy believe Capovilla Distillati to be the best producer of Grappa in the country. Owner Vittorio Capovilla has chosen to distil his Grappa using small stills that he has especially built for him by a German artisan. He has also chosen to use an artisanal distillation method for his products. Capovilla is also well known for his use of very low levels of sulphur dioxide, and of only very ripe fruit grown in high hillside vineyards.

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