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Gavi Docg Ardé By Castellari Bergaglio (Italian Sparkling Wine)

Gavi Docg Ardé By Castellari Bergaglio
(Italian Sparkling Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Champenoise method - Cortese
Alcohol Content: 12%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
Ardè is a really unique sparkling wine, combining the scent of the Cortese grapes with the subtley brought by the refinement in bottle.

Tasting notes
The qualities of Ardè are evident even at sight: the fine-grained and inviting perlage is a prelude to a soft touch and flavour. This wine's aromas stand out, ranging from flavour notes of apple rind and yellow plum to elegant fragrances of dried fruit and bread crust, from camomile flowers to honey, from talc to the fine balsamic tones of mint and medicinal herbs.

Best to be enjoyed with
A superb aperitif wine, Ardè will pair wonderfully with fried vegetables and sea fruits. Daringly, even with a Lemon Bavarian Cake for dessert! Ardè is a wine accessible by everyone, greatly expressive and not complicated to taste, apt to entice your friends with its extraordinary elegance.

The Winery: Castellari Bergaglio
The Castellari Bergaglio family decided to start making wine in the late 19th century. Since the beginning, the purpose was to make wines with features unmistakably linked to the distinctive nature of their terroir. A specific focus is given to the Cortese grape, peculiar to the Gavi area in Piedmont.

GAVI DOCG Piemonte
GAVI DOCG Castellari Bergaglio

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