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Gamba Di Pernice Vdt Rosso By Tenuta Dei Fiori (Italian Red Wine)

Gamba Di Pernice Vdt Rosso By Tenuta Dei Fiori
(Italian Red Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Indigenous Grape - Gamba di Pernice
Alcohol Content: 13%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
From the name (it means “Partridge’s leg”, recalling the vermilion color of the grape’s stalk) to its multiple fragrances, all in all this wine appears worthy of attention. Praise goes to the producer, who started to protect this old vine variety years ago, when on the verge of disappearing.

Tasting notes
"The colour is a light rubin-red with clear garnet reflections. The bouquet opens with fruit fragrances recalling blueberry, marasca cherry and pomegranate, spiced with pepper, while the aftertaste proposes a moderate reference to acacia flowers, with sweet and almond-like tones. The taste is fresh, crossed by acid and vegetal sensations and with swift and lively tannins. Tickling pepper can also be sensed in the mouth, with the effect of a longer persistence."

Best to be enjoyed with
A spicy and tickling wine calls for equally intriguing company. It can be matched with the most typical Italian appetisers: a course made with cured meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables.

The Winery: Tenuta dei Fiori
The Tenuta dei Fiori wine estate is located at Calosso, near Asti, in Piedmont, and the property extends over a surface of about 5 hectares, where different vineyeards are grown: a historical Barbera with over 70 years, called Rusticardi 1933, the Muscat Canelli white, Chardonnay, Freisa, Dolcetto, Cabernet Sauvignon and, of course, the Gamba di Pernice.

GAMBA DI PERNICE Tenuta dei Fiori

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