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Cherry Brandy by Villa Zarri (Italian Brandy)

Cherry Brandy
by Villa Zarri
(Italian Brandy)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Brandy, Trebbiano Romagnolo
Alcohol Content: 40%
Unit Quantity: 500 ml
Cherry Brandy by Villa Zarri is a brandy produced in Emilia Romagna, a region in Northern Italy. Driven by the desire to return to the glorious past of Italy’s history of liqueurs, Villa Zarri decided to reinvent the Italian Cherry Brandy and have created an outstanding liqueur perfect for cocktails and long drinks. The distilled wine is aged in small French oak barrels for 6 years before being blended with very high-quality Vignola cherries from Castello di Serravalle, in the hills near Bologna. Two types of cherries are used in the blend, both presenting different characteristics; light red cherries with a bitterish taste and thick, pulpy flesh and darker red cherries with very sweet and juicy pulp. The cherries are ‘brewed’ in the brandy for two months, at the end of which the brandy is separated from the fruits. By this time, the brandy has reached an alcoholic strength of 40% and is ready to be filtered and bottled.

Tasting notes
Cherry Brandy by Villa Zarri boasts a bright ruby red colour with lively copper shades. With aromas of ripe, warm red fruits, vanilla and spice, it is full and enveloping on the nose. On the palate, the cherry flavours are beautifully intense and the sweet spices are complemented by a slight citrus freshness and an underlying hint to tobacco and caramel.

Best to be enjoyed with
Cherry Brandy by Villa Zarri in the summer, is delicious cold, with a couple of ice cubes. Otherwise, drink at room temperature at the end of a meal on its own or with biscuits or plain chocolate. It is an excellent base for cocktails.

The Winery: Villa Zarri
Villa Zarri excels at an important Italian tradition few are aware of: the making of world-class spirits such as Brandy. Indeed, many experts believe Villa Zarri Brandy to be the best made in Italy today. Villa Zarri makes its Brandy from high-quality wine, which needs to be perfectly clear, low in sulphide content, high in acidity and resistant to oxidation. At Villa Zarri the all-important discontinuous distillation method is employed, using copper Charentais still that ensures a final product of much deeper, cleaner and richer aromas and flavours. Villa Zarri also makes a stellar Nocino or walnut liqueur.

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