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Brachetto D'acqui Docg Il Pineto By Marenco (Italian Sweet Sparkling Red Wine)

Brachetto D'acqui Docg Il Pineto By Marenco
(Italian Sweet Sparkling Red Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Indigenous Grape - Brachetto
Alcohol Content: 5.5%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
Unmistakable, owing to the original color and the intense and fruity fragrance, this Brachetto represents one of the best products from this area of Piedmont, renowned for the quality of its wines since the Roman age.

Tasting notes
The color is ruby red with crimson shades; it features a soft, creamy foam. In the nose, this wine shows all the strength: an aroma of wild roses meets scents of strawberry and cranberries, joined by vegetal and spicy fragrances remembering cinnamon and fresh mint. At the tasting, all expectations are met; sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced.

Best to be enjoyed with
Owing to the sweet and mellow character, a wine able to “convert” non-drinkers; but those already enjoying wine will also appreciate it, especially when paired with fruit-based cakes and plum cakes.Try the Brachetto as an ingredient for cocktails, too: it will surprise you!

The Winery: Marenco
The history of this famous winery dates back to the early 1900s, when Michele Marenco dreamed of planting a vineyard in the heart of the Bagnario Valley, an area mostly suitable for winemaking. After the World War II, his son Giuseppe built his winery in the center of the village of Strevi; he was able to convey his passion to the his three daughters, who now manage the estate.

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