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Barolo Lazzarito Riserva 2009 by Ettore Germano (Italian Red Wine)

Barolo Lazzarito Riserva 2011
by Ettore Germano
(Italian Red Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Nebbiolo 
Alcohol Content: 14%
Unit Quantity: 750 ml
Barolo is the King of Italian Winemaking! It is a red wine produced in Piemonte, a region in Northern Italy, characterized by an excellent fruit clarity. This Barolo Riserva needs 30 months of maturation in 2.000 litres oak barrels and rests for two years in bottle.

Tasting notes
Barolo Lazzarito Riserva 2011 by Ettore Germano makes you remember blueberry, blackcurrant, liquorice and sweet spicys. The taste is full of energy, powerful, the tannins clear and accurate. The wine has excellent balance and length, but long tannic taste, good texture and mouthfeel.

Best to be enjoyed with
The best way to pair Barolo Lazzarito Riserva 2011 by Ettore Germano is with aged cheeses, meats and above all game. It needs to be opened at least 2 hours before drinking. Pour the nectar into a crystal decanter.

The Winery: Ettore Germano
The Ettore Germano estate lies on one of the most important crus of Serralunga d'Alba named "Cerretta”. Germano’s 6.6 hectares of vineyards are dedicated to the cultivation of grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo, while a smaller area is reserved for Riesling and Nascetta. The Germano family is blessed with some of the very best vineyards, even the legendary Vigna Rionda, which many experts consider the single greatest Barolo vineyard of all.

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