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Libiamo Wines
The best Italian wines in the United Kingdom. 
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Celebrate life with an entourage of Italian wine lovers: libiamo!

About us

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Libiamo, the multi-channel e-wine club enabling all members to meet and enjoy the rarest, most outstanding Italian wines within a friendly community of wine enthusiasts. No membership fee applies.

Most products included in our selections are high quality, hard-to-find nectars of different nature and origin: Italy counts 20 regions and each of these territories holds at least one different, peculiar wine-making tradition.

Libiamo increases wine-awareness among its friends and members on various levels, particularly with:
  • Fine wine selections available for shopping on the site (under different price ranges);
  • Complimentary wine tasting notes and other educational material;
  • Wine tasting week-ends at breathtaking Italian wine estates for very special rates;
  • Wine tasting events in the United Kingdom and Italy (locations in other countries to be added soon);
  • Contests and giveaways;
  • Continuous interaction between members.
Libiamo searches carefully for the best wines made by small wineries using indigenous grapes and under traditional vinification techniques in order to review and make them available on the site. Some of our products have already received awards in Italy and abroad. Some of them, instead, are by and large unknown outside their land of origin and still shrouded in mystique. With thousands of years in a glass, invites you to celebrate life and friendship by enjoying Italian wines socially; by staying together and tasting the real pleasure of a different drinking way.

The team at Libiamo is made of wine friends with a long experience in the wine industry.
Our wine suggestions are accessible by everyone: from beginners to experts.

Try our Bollicine Selection to sparkle your senses during an aperitif; discover our Rossi Selection and pair the reds with your favorite meat courses; enjoy our Bianchi Selection with whites that will softly entice your friends.

Most of all, contact us for ideas and suggestions on how to enhance the club experience:

Enjoy the greatest Italian wines on Libiamo!
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