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    Picking the Perfect Sparkling Wines This Christmas

    Picking the Perfect Sparkling Wines This Christmas

    Posted on 10 November 2021

    I’m afraid we’re going to drop the “C” bomb pretty early this year.  It’s time to get yourselves geared up once more for Christmas, the time of year for drinking and eating and celebrating with those closest to you.  And what better way to celebrate than with lovely sparkling wines?

    Here’s our handy guide to picking the best sparkling wines for the perfect occasions…

    Sparkling Wines for Aperitivo

    The guests are starting to arrive and mingle, and the nibbles are doing the rounds on the platters before the main event of dinner later in the evening. 
    You need something light, crisp, and fun to get everyone in the chatty mood and some smiles on their faces early on.  Luckily Italy has the perfect bubbles for such an occasion with the clean, crisp tastes of Prosecco.  Made in the tank method to ensure the light fresh fruit flavors and crisp acidic finish, these are brilliant wines to start any night off on the right footing…


    Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG Col Credas by Adami (Italian Sparkling Wine)

    Sparkling Wines for the Dinner Table

    Many people forget that sparkling wines also make great food pairing options.  Those made in the traditional method, known as Metodo Classico in Italy, use this technique to add the bubbles to the wine as it also adds body and complexity from the intense action of the yeast.  We think sparkling rosé wines made in this method have so much character, red fruit, acidity, and complexity that they are stunning wines for so many foods, including…and trust us on this…some pigs in blankets!


    Spumante Rosè Brut Rosanna By Ettore Germano (Italian Sparkling Rosè Wine)

    Sparkling Wines for Celebrations

    Sparkling wine is a must for any celebrations, whether it be that cozy night in to celebrate another year successfully navigated, or first thing on Christmas morning with the bacon muffins as the kids run downstairs with their full stockings.  Again, the Metodo Classico method, with all its delicious intensity and complexity fits the bill superbly.  It’ll feel and taste simply luxury, and you deserve it!


    Alta Langa Extra Brut Metodo Classico by Ettore Germano (Italian Sparkling Wine)

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