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    Once upon a time a perfect Father's Day wine gift…

    Once upon a time a perfect Father's Day wine gift…

    Posted on 17 June 2020

    No more scarfs, socks, or best-sellers… be bolder! With some outstanding wines - to be tasted together like sommeliers for the cherry on the cake - and a whole cultural and sensitive trip embedded in each bottle, be prepared to become his preferred daughter/son for a short while!

    But let’s see first: what would be your ideal wine for Father’s Day? Which nectar would best suit your dad’s tastes and personality?

    1. Father’s Day wine gifts for the most powerful, solid men with character… who are improving with aging!

    An exalted Nebbiolo grape red wine from Piedmont - one of the world’s most acclaimed wine regions with so many small family wineries - is a perfect choice. And it will make a great pairing with his preferred game dishes, roasted red meats, ragouts, or strong mature cheeses. 

    Barolo is simply the king of Italian winemaking and this particular Barolo Le Brunate by Francesco Rinaldi a very sure bet.
    This Barolo comes from the “Le Brunate” farm’s lands and it matures for about 4 years in large-capacity Slavonian oak barrels. It has a dry, full and harmonious taste and delicate, elegant aromas. You can go for it blindly: Francesco Rinaldi is blessed with some of the very best vineyards considered by experts as the single greatest Barolo.

    Barbaresco is another amazing gem from the area; and once ever sipped a Barbaresco "Cottà" by Albino Rocca, it happens to be perfectly impossible to forget. 
    It is a highly elegant and intense wine with ripped fruit flavors in abundance and nuances of berry desserts; thanks to the Produttori, it is also the truest expression of the vintage with great harmony and balance. Great wines have always been made by Albino Rocca since 1955 when the company was established around the appellation.

    2. A Father’s Day wine gift for adventurous seafood lovers… aiming at longevity!

    Sauvignon Quarz by Cantine Terlano is an intense, harmonious, kind of exotic white wine with a brilliant straw yellow color. It’s got fruit - mango, papaya, lime, pomelo - and herbal aromas reminiscent of lemongrass, lemon balm, mint, and green tea. It also reveals mineral notes of flint with a hint of elderberry syrup. Cantina Terlano is a very old and well-known cooperative in Alto Adige. In this relatively small winery, every single wine is given the time it needs to mature to perfection and the hits are praised by the most important wine experts.

    3. A Father’s Day wine gift for Pinot Noir fans, collection-addicts, and always-on curious minds!

    Bewilder your dad once and for good with this sharp collection of Pinot Noir wines!
    Pinot Noir is often referred to as the most elegant red grape giving the world’s most popular light-bodied red wine. Like Nebbiolo somehow, it is considered as a highly receptive “terroir-expressive” varietal which can make delicate and complex wines. It’s loved for its concentrated red fruit, flowers, and spice notes that are accentuated by a long, smooth finish.

    Those six distinctive, generous and refined wines are mainly from Italy (Friuli, Piedmont, Tuscany) but also from Austria where we can find nowadays one of its very best versions.

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