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    Gin Berto by Antica Distilleria Quaglia (Italian Gin)

    • 700 ml
    • 43%
    • GIN

    Gin Berto is a gin produced in Piemonte, a region in northern Italy. It is a London Dry Gin, with a classic Juniper profile and similar to Tanqueray in style. The grain spirit is infused with the main botanicals of juniper, wormwood, rosemary and citrus before a double distillation of the spirit in a pot still, which usually takes just under a week to complete this distillation. The artisan producer wished to incorporate the classic juniper aromas of gin with a harmonic and elegant selection of other aromatic mediterranean plants such as rosemary, iris, wormwood, coriander, cassia bark, mint and liquorice root. Al the botanicals are grown in Italy.

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    Libiamo - Gin Berto by Antica Distilleria Quaglia (Italian Gin) - Libiamo
    Gin Berto by Antica Distilleria Quaglia (Italian Gin)

    £ 29.08


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