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    Fiano IGT Mezzogiorno (Case of 6 - Italian White Wine)

    • 2020
    • 13.5%
    • FIANO
    • PUGLIA
    • 750 ml

    Fiano is an aromatic white wine produced in Puglia (and Campania as well), a Region in Southern Italy. The grapes are soft pressed and refrigerated and enriched with yeasts and enzymes. Fermentation is in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature (18°C). The finishing and bottling take place within 4 months. Grape: Fiano 100%

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    £ 65.44
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    Libiamo - Fiano IGT Mezzogiorno (Case of 6 - Italian White Wine) - Libiamo
    Fiano IGT Mezzogiorno (Case of 6 - Italian White Wine)

    £ 65.44


    Fiano Mezzogiorno works well with salads, grilled white fish or on its own as an aperitif. Delicious with spaghetti vongole or with some roast chicken and salmoriglio.





    Fiano Mezzogiorno has mild intense straw yellow colour, characteristic, aromatic and flavoured bouquet; crisp, fresh and harmonious on the palate is balanced and elegant with fresh acidity followed by an oily mouth feel and a persistent aftertaste of fig syrup and tropical fruity flavors.



    The Winery: Mezzogiorno
    Mezzogiorno is a brand whose aim is to source high-quality fruit for the creation of wines which truly embody the flavours and aromas of Southern Italy.
    The communities of the southernmost regions of the Italian Peninsula thrive off of the warm, fertile soils and the deep, rich flavours from the products that grow there. The landscape is rugged and varied with many different textures and colours blending into the beautiful patchwork that is Southern Italy. The wines of Mezzogiorno reflect this. They are warm and inviting, pronounced and vibrant, round and ripe.
    ‘Mezzogiorno’ translates as ‘Midday’ in Italian but it is also the word commonly used by Italians to refer to the regions of the south of Italy.
    Wine has been made here for centuries: a document dating from 1292 in the Orvieto city archives names these hills as being among the very best for the production of Orvieto wine. Close to both Rome and Florence, but untouched by any large-scale urbanization, it is an area that still possesses an unsullied and breathtaking natural beauty, dotted with woods, lakes and streams.

    The choice of grape varieties has focused on the indigenous grapes that have always been grown here, clones of which have been selected on the basis of their quality and their inherited resistance to disease – particularly important because our wine is 100% organic.


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