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    Recipe of the Month: Acquasala

    Recipe of the Month: Acquasala

    Posted on 29 March 2021

    This week feels like the most upbeat in a long time!
    Not only is March coming to a close and springtime is about to begin in earnest, but we’re also in the next phase of coming out of lockdown. From today onwards we’re allowed to have people (albeit a select few) round to our gardens for a bit of a catch-up, which in our eyes means food and wine!

    So to end Puglia month at Libiamo we’ve found one of Puglia’s finest outdoor food sharing delights. Acquasala is a simple yet delicious Pugliese salad, made from soaking stale bread in olive oil and tomatoes. It could not be simpler, it could not be tastier.

    The recipe we’ve found on the internet is once again from Great Italian Chefs. Please note that their main tip to make this recipe really sing is to make sure you get the ripest vine tomatoes you can get hold of. Otherwise, as you’ll see below, it really is child’s play and something that your first guests in months will love out on those garden tables.

    As it’s Easter coming up, we thought we’d also throw out some Easter wine pairings, that also double as great pairings for Acquasala itself.  For more of the best wines for Easter head over to our home page, and browse some of the brilliant wines on show.


    • 150g of stale bread (preferably ciabatta)
    • 400g of ripe vine tomatoes
    • 1 small red onion
    • Freshly picked oregano leaves
    • 45ml of extra virgin olive oil
    • Flaky sea salt

    Roughly chop all the tomatoes and place them into a bowl (including all the juice left on the board).

    Slice the onion into rings and add to the bowl.

    Tear the stale bread into chunks roughly the same size as the tomato pieces-

    Drizzle over the olive oil and add the oregano leaves.

    Stir well and leave for 10-15 minutes to allow the bread to soak up the juices.

    Season with sea salt and serve.

    Wine Pairing

    IGT Puglia Negroamaro by Caiaffa
    Organic Negroamaro from a northerly vineyard close to the Adriatic coast. A medium-bodied red wine with fresh red fruits, and a smooth finish. This wine will go beautifully with the tomatoes in the salad and can even be served chilled on warm afternoons. Equally, it has enough acidity and body to pair well with roast lamb on Easter Sunday.

    Greco di Tufo by Pietracupa
    One of the finest white wines in Italy according to both the Wine Advocate and Gambero Rosso, this high-end Greco from the lauded Sabino Loffredo has a beautiful deep colour, an easy nose of fruit and flower, and is followed by an explosion of flavour on the palate, with deep stone and citrus fruit, and sweet spice.  Glorious with a salad on a warm afternoon, but equally at home with complex fish dishes from Easter weekend.

    Fiano IGT Puglia by Mezzogiorno
    Fiano is a grape variety that can often be overlooked, especially by those who only see the red wines of Puglia as worth opening.  Their loss! This Fiano is crisp, and fresh, with an oily palate and fresh tropical fruit finish, perfect for those olive oil and tomato juices, and equally at home with chicken roasts.

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