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    Brandy 23-years 1994 by Villa Zarri (Italian Brandy)

      This brandy derives from a blend of two different distillates of wine from the 1991 harvest in the Romagna region. One from the plains and one from the hills. The idea of Brandy Millesimato 1991 was to bottle a product which reflects the characteristics of this vintage year. The wines were put through a fractional distillation, using a Charentais alembic still. The resulting brandies were then aged in 350 litre French oak barrels (Limousin and Allier). The first year of aging was in new barrels, which give the distillate its colour and tannins. After one year the brandy was transferred to used barrels that function almost exclusively for the oxidation process of tannins and alcohol. During this aging process, the alcohol content is slowly reduced through the addition of distilled water.

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      Libiamo - Brandy 23-years 1994 by Villa Zarri (Italian Brandy) - Libiamo
      Brandy 23-years 1994 by Villa Zarri (Italian Brandy)

      £ 84.81


      Brandy 23-years 1994 by Villa Zarri is a perfect after dinner. Try it with tiramisu, aged cheeses, pastries.



        Brandy 23-years 1994 by Villa Zarri Gift is amber in colour with bright hints of mahogany. A breeze of iris, blond pipe tobacco and beeswax is the elegant prelude to a complex sweetness of candied citrus, cakes, and chestnut honey. The flavour personality is well defined and sophisticated, intensely warm and smoothly inviting, sealed by lasting balsamic and slightly peppery recurrences.

        THE WINERY

        THE WINERY

        The Winery: Villa Zarri
        Villa Zarri excels at an important Italian tradition few are aware of: the making of world class spirits such as Brandy. Indeed, many experts believe Villa Zarri Brandy to be the best made in Italy today.Villa Zarri makes its Brandy from high quality wine, which needs to be perfectly clear, low in sulphide content, high in acidity and resistant to oxidation. At Villa Zarri the all-important discontinuous distillation method is employed, using copper Charentais still that ensures a final product of much deeper, cleaner and richer aromas and flavours. Villa Zarri also makes a stellar Nocino, or walnut liqueur.


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