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    Organic Product

    Boca DOC by Tenute Guardasole (Italian Organic Red Wine)

    • 14%
    • RED WINE
    • 750 ml
    • 2018

    The grapes for this wine come from the Boca DOC, with an altitude of 460-490m above sea level. Here the currents from the north coming from Monte Rosa produce powerful diurnal temperature variations. Monte Fenera creates a natural shelter and favors mild winters, temperate springs and hot and sunny summers and autumns that lead to the optimal ripening of the grapes. Boca owes its peculiarities to the morainic terrain that originates from Monte Rosa. It is made up of granite pebbles, porphyry and dolomitic rock flakes of Monte Fenera. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, followed by a maceration of about 30 days. Malolactic fermantation in durmast barrels and further refinement of 18 months. 6 months in bottle before release.

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    Libiamo - Boca DOC by Tenute Guardasole (Italian Organic Red Wine) - Libiamo
    Boca DOC by Tenute Guardasole (Italian Organic Red Wine)

    £ 44.78


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