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Liquore di Arancia by Essentiae (Italian Liqueur)

Liquore di Arancia
by Essentiae
(Italian Liqueur)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Liqueurs
Alcohol Content: 38%
Unit Quantity: 500 ml
Liquore di Arancia is a mediterranean liqueur produced  in Liguria, a region in northern Italy. Only sweet oranges are used for this liqueur, and they grow organically along the ligurian coast, constantly ruffled by the mediterranean breezes. The ancient recipe requires a long period of maceration, careful handling and Essentiae's classic cold infusion in order to express and extract the finest character from the fruit. The palate is enveloping and intense providing a freshness and richness in excellent symphony. 

Tasting notes
Liquore di Arancia by Essentiae has an intense yellow colour with a golden twist. It offers enveloping aromas of ripe, juicy citrus and mediterranean freshness. Harmonious on the palate with a good balance of being round and soft, yet not too heavy.

Best to be enjoyed with
Liquore di Arancia by Essentiae in an excellent after dinner. Try it with almond patries or with Tuscan cantuccini. Serve chilled.

The Winery: Essentiae Liquoreria Ligure
Essentiae Liquoreria Ligure, founded by Diego Bosoni e Fiorella Stoppa, produces exceptional liqueurs by following methods and ancient Ligurian recipes in their artisan 'opificio'. Every liqueur is produced in small quantities with only organic seasonal ingredients used. Every stage of the process is carried out by hand and no dyes, chemical essences or preservatives are used during production. Regarded as the best method for extracting pure and unadulterated flavour intensity, cold infusion is used in the production of every liqueur and stays in line with Fiorella's uninvasive approach to the whole procedure.

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