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Grappa Storica by Antica Distilleria Quaglia (Italian Grappa)

Grappa Storica
by Antica Distilleria Quaglia
(Italian Grappa)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Grappa
Alcohol Content: 40%
Unit Quantity: 700 ml
Grappa Storica is a historic grappa produced in Piemonte, a region in northern Italy. One of the Quaglia’s most traditional products, it started to be bottled by the family at the beginning of the 1900’s and is now the epitome of classic grappa from a century ago. This outstanding example is produced from a mixture of the grape marc from vineyards in the Piemonte hills, and aged for at least six months in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting notes
Grappa Storica by Antica Distilleria Quaglia is clear and crystalline with intense and enveloping floral and dried fruit aromas on the nose. On the palate, the alcoholic potency is evident, without being aggressive and overbearing. The flavours are still very much the protagonist on the palate; wild rose and raisins are particularly decipherable and the round, soft structure makes way for a beautifully long finish.

Best to be enjoyed with
Grappa Storica by Antica Distilleria Quaglia is a perfect digestif. It matchs well with fresh and dried fruit, brownies and almond-based desserts.

The Winery: Antica Distilleria Quaglia
Antica Distilleria Quaglia was established just after the Unification of Italy in 1871 between Monferrato and the hills towards Turin; an area renowned for its exceptional winemaking. Carlo Quaglia is the most recent to take over the business. His enthusiasm for the exquisite quality of Quaglia products, is evident in his move to enrich the choice of rare, unique creations without ever overlooking the Distillery’s core values of artisanal excellence and the use of high-quality, natural primary products.

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