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Gin A' La Madame Del Professore (Italian Gin)

Gin A' La Madame Del Professore
(Italian Gin)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Gin
Alcohol Content: 43%
Unit Quantity: 700 ml
Gin A' La Madame is a gin with a layer of sweet spiced aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and wild rose produced in Lazio, a region in central Italy. This gin represents the rediscovery of a lost style of gin production: the making of the ‘Bathtub Gin’. These were gins produced illegally during the American Prohibition. The Jerry Thomas producers wanted to bring the concept of the Bathtub Gin back into being, but to a very high quality, using artisanal methods and high quality ingredients. The creation of the gin starts with blending a juniper distillate into an infusion of herbs and spices with the aim of obtaining a deep complexity of aromas. It is not industrially filtered and therefore it maintains its original amber colour gained from the spice infusion.

Tasting notes
Gin A' La Madame Del Professore is a unique gin, displaying aromas from a carefully-calculated blend that speaks primarily of juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, turmeric, cinnamon and cassia bark, and particularly memorable for its freshness and intensity of the spices. On the palate, it is beautifully warming, with a savoury, balsamic structure beneath the various herbs and spices. Although each ingredient, from juniper to cinnamon, is decipherable, they are all spun into a gorgeous overall flavour of juniper rich with floral and comforting medicinal notes. This core flavour is drawn out on the finish and yet continues to hold the characteristics of each layer.

Best to be enjoyed with
Gin A' La Madame Del Professore will be unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Despite its unusual characteristics, it is highly versatile. It is particularly remarkable that the gin can be consumed neat, like a whisky or cognac, and this opens the possibility of a new category of gin: ‘sipping gin’.

The Winery: The Jerry Thomas Project
The Jerry Thomas Project is no ordinary producer, it is better known as Rome’s best speakeasy cocktail bar. Its recent partnership with Antica Distilleria Quaglia in a bid to start producing spirits as well as serving them, is a breath of fresh air. The Project is not just a tribute to the ‘father of American mixology’ Jeremiah Thomas, it is also a rediscovery of forgotten Italian spirits, a celebration of prohibition drinks with an Italian twist and an advocate for high quality products made with high quality raw Italian ingredients.

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