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Chinato by Borgogno (Italian Liqueur)

by Borgogno
(Italian Liqueur)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Liqueurs
Alcohol Content: 16.5%
Unit Quantity: 1 L
Chinato is a historical drink produced in Piemonte, a region in northern Italy. Borgogno's base red wine is fortified sweetened and an aromatic infusion is then added to make Chinato. 37 varieties of herbs and spices are used to create the aromatic infusion including 3 varieties of cinchona (china); Calisaya (infused with seville oranges), Succirubra and Soccimano.

Tasting notes
Chinato by Borgogno has aromas of griottine cherry, dried figs, dates, cloves and orange peel. A bitter sweet liquer with lots of dried fruits, herbs and spices, cocoa and vanilla. Warming finish.

Best to be enjoyed with
Traditionally used for medicinal purposes to settle fevers and upset stomachs, today Chinato by Borgogno Spirits  is enjoyed as a digestif and works very well with chocolate and sweet pastries. This historical drink could also make an excellent ingredient for cocktails.

The Winery: Borgogno
Borgogno, a historic estate sat right in the centre of the Barolo, has always produced benchmark, traditional Barolo. The Barolo Chinato was created by Cesare Borgogno, who was an enthusiastic herbalist and good friend of renowned Vermouth producers, Mario Cora and Alfredo Marone Cinzano.

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