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China Antico Elixir by Clementi (Italian Liqueur)

China Antico Elixir
by Clementi
(Italian Liqueur)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Liqueurs
Alcohol Content: 33%
Unit Quantity: 700 ml
China Antico Elixir is an “amaro” produced in Toscana, a region in central Italy. This bitter liqueur was created from a secret recipe sourced from South American Indians. Made from cinchona barkand root with other medicinal herbs this Antico Elixir is aged in botti for 2 years after distillation and has no additives or colourants. Created in 1884 by chemist and pharmacist Dr Giuseppe Clementi for its curative properties, this tonic has been produced by the Clementi family ever since with the same secret recipe.

Tasting notes
China Antico Elixir by Clementi has ochre colour, scents of medicinal herbs and bitter leaves, fresh citrus fragrances with captivating caramel notes, very long and lingering pleasantly bitter finish.

Best to be enjoyed with
China Antico Elixir by Clementi is a delicious digestif to enjoy on its own or with chocolate, ice cream and Italian pastries. In winter this is lovely with a squeeze of lemon and hot water, and in summer it makes a refreshing aperitivo served with ice and a slice of orange or with grapefruit juice.

The Winery: Antico Opificio Clementi
Over the years, the Antico Opificio Clementi has suffered a severe earthquake and a war bombing where most equipment and historic books were lost. Nevertheless, the pharmacy has been lovingly restored to its traditional charm with the family winning a multitude of awards for China. including the first official recognition for a cinchona elixir.

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