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Brandy 10-years by Villa Zarri (Italian Brandy)

Brandy 10-years
by Villa Zarri
(Italian Brandy)

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Product features

Alcohol Type: Brandy, Trebbiano Romagnolo
Alcohol Content: 44%
Unit Quantity: 500 ml
Brandy 10-years is a brandy produced in Emilia Romagna, a region in Northern Italy. It is made from a blend of various years and a range of brandies of different ageing. The number of years reported on the label refers to the most recent year present in the blend, although on average, the mean ageing is higher than this. The name “Traditional Blend” is due to the fact that traditionally the brandy which is bottled is made up of a mixture, or blend, of various distillates of different years and ageing. This is due to the fact that the addition of various organoleptic characteristics in distillates makes the bouquet of the blended brandy much more harmonic and complete.

Tasting notes
Brandy 10-years by Villa Zarri has ancient colour, with topaz reflections shifting towards a clear mahogany colour. In its complex and fine bouquet, it is possible to identify pearl barley, sweet liquorice and dried banana. As oxygenation evolves, a sensation of toasted pine kernel and soft toffee, with a vanilla ending, is sensed. When it enters the mouth it is sweet and soft, with taste sensations which remind of strawberry tree honey and candied orange, with a persistent and clean ending. A brandy endowed with an extreme personality.

Best to be enjoyed with
Brandy 10-years by Villa Zarri is a perfect after dinner. Try it with tiramisu, aged cheeses, Neapolitan pastries.

The Winery: Villa Zarri
Villa Zarri excels at an important Italian tradition few are aware of: the making of world class spirits such as Brandy. Indeed, many experts believe Villa Zarri Brandy to be the best made in Italy today.Villa Zarri makes its Brandy from high quality wine, which needs to be perfectly clear, low in sulphide content, high in acidity and resistant to oxidation. At Villa Zarri the all-important discontinuous distillation method is employed, using copper Charentais still that ensures a final product of much deeper, cleaner and richer aromas and flavours. Villa Zarri also makes a stellar Nocino, or walnut liqueur.

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