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Franciacorta Docg Brut by Monzio Compagnoni (Italian Sparkling Wine)

Franciacorta Docg Brut
by Monzio Compagnoni
(Italian Sparkling Wine)

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Product features

Grape: Champenoise method - Chardonnay, Pinot noir Alcohol Content: 13% Unit Quantity: 750 ml An intense and determined wine from Franciacorta, the leading source of Italian sparkling wine, expressing all the personality of the originating grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Tasting notes
The wine reveals a bold straw-yellow colour, with an extremely fine-grained but persistent perlage. On the nose, this Brut delivers an intense and fresh bouquet, followed by traditional notes of yeast, made even more refreshing by a slight citrus tone apt to smooth its effervescence.

Best to be enjoyed with
Your wine-knowledgeable friends will appreciate it; they will know how to appreciate both its bold style and wide gastronomical versatility; it pairs perfectly with fish appetisers and roasted white meats.

The Winery: Monzio Compagnoni
Monzio Compagnoni is a family-run winery that began production in 1987. The family started with a relatively small parcel of land on the Emnetta hill, in the Bergamo area, and has eventually extended to the rivaling Brescia area for the production of Franciacorta.


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